Getting started

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There are three different levels of exercises, so choose a level that suits your own level of fitness best. The next level up is a bit more challenging than the one before and you should try to move up a level when you can comfortably manage the previous exercises.

Some exercise is better than none, do as much as you can to feel the improvements

You can also switch between levels if there are exercises in the next level that you think you can do safely. Wear sensible footwear, keep some water to hand and keep a sturdy chair next to you for stability if you are not used to exercising. You should aim to have a programme that you can manage and repeat 4 or 5 days a week, or as many of the 5 days that you can. If there are too many exercises for you to do, just cut back. To get the most benefit, you should feel that you have done something a little out of the ordinary – a little warmer, a little short of breath, feeling your heart rate going a little faster, within the safety limits listed below.

Do Icon
  • Do try the exercises
  • Do keep doing them as we have shown you; improvements happen for everybody over time
  • Do follow the links to the online resources
  • Do involve your family and friends to help keep you motivated, whether outdoors, by video call or in person if social distancing allows
Dont Icon
  • Don’t feel that you are too unfit to try these – they are designed to help people start slow and work up gently
  • Don’t do an exercise if you are unsure how to do it
  • STOP an exercise STRAIGHT AWAY if you have chest pain, shortness of breath worse than usual, or you feel so unsteady that you might fall

Exercise makes you feel happy and healthy, it’s free and can be fun!

Our exercise levels suit adults of any age, whether you currently exercise or not and all these exercises take very little time to perform. There are also some tips for moving onto the next set of exercises when you are finding the starter ones too easy.

Getting started
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